Blaise 5.4 is coming

Blaise 5.2.5 - The June 23rd 2017 release

The 5.2.5 version has now been officialy released. It has build number

You can find it in the official location on our ftp-server.

This version includes the following new features:
A new web data entry client has been added to the system. This web version uses AngularJS 4, a client-side MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework. The MVC data entry client has been built from scratch. It relies heavily on JavaScript on the client device. This means that the web server can handle many more concurrent users, but the client devices have to be powerful enough to handle the increased load.

Custom MVC Application
This version includes the possibility to create custom MVC applications. We have created an example that shows how to do this.

Blaise 5 is now accessible, and supports WCAG 2.0 AA compliancy. There are options to add screen reader texts to all user interface elements, Auto Focus can be disabled
(this is needed to have screen readers work correctly), and skip links (a way for visually impaired people to navigate on a page) have been implemented.

This version includes a Windows application that has the same functionality as our iOS and Android apps. We call this the DEP App. For the record, this is *not* an app that
can be downloaded from the Windows Store. The DEP App has functionality to connect to a server, download surveys, download cases and upload data.

Starter Kit Windows
The Starter Kit for Windows is a framework that can be used freely to build your own DEP App.

We have combined the most common APIs into one big API: StatNeth.Blaise.API.dll. Among other things, this makes it possible to use the Blaise API in a Java environment.

In addition to these new features, we have solved many small issues.

Blaise 5.2.5 - User experience

Profielfoto Bryan BungardtMy name is Bryan Bungardt, employee at Statistics Netherlands (CBS). Using Blaise 5, I build questionnaires for data collection activities. Since we have started building questionnaires in Blaise 5 about 2 years ago, we have experienced a great improvement in the stability and features of the Blaise 5 suite.

With Blaise 5.2.5 we are getting a strongly improved Web-rendering engine (MVC using Angular-2) that produces fast Web-based questionnaires as the current market is demanding. The questionnaires run fast and smooth on many different browsers and devices.

For our surveys at CBS the Netherlands, we have created a lay-out that supports both PC as well as Smartphone formats and we see an big improvement in the speed and performance with these surveys. I am also very happy with the feature where Blaise 5.2.5 lets you use existing projects/solutions as a templates for a new project/solution. This saves us lots of time with rework of our yearly surveys.


Blaise 5.2 - The October 31st 2016 release

This version includes a new web data entry client (MVC), a production version of CATI, a production version of Manipula, a major security upgrade and a few smaller additions. Furthermore, we have worked on unifying the layout between data entry clients, improved the iOS and Android apps, and solved many issues that were reported by our users.

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Pre-Conference files are now available

The pre-conference day sessions that were held on Monday October 3rd, just before the 17th IBUC were a great success.
Attendees and non-attendees alike have asked if they could have the handouts and/or samples that were discussed that day.

We are happy to announce that all the presentations and some demos which our team presented during the preconference training are now available online:

Level 1: Introduction to Blaise 5, Conversion, Manipula and CATI

- Presentations (7 MB)

- Demos (22 MB)


Level 2: Layout, Server Park Basics, Deployment and Login

- Presentations (4 MB)

- Demos (3 MB)


Level 3: Architecture, Server Management, Security, Audit Trail, Session Data, Data/.bdix, APIs, PowerShell, Customizing DEP

- Presentations (3 MB)

- Demos (21 MB)

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