Online documentation 4.x

The online assistant includes a full technical reference and a developers guide. New Blaise users may find useful information in the sections How to use... and Quick Guides. The help pages are available online:

You can download the complete Help system to your local disk in a zip file. The help files can be extracted from this zip file and saved to a local folder. After saving the files you can explore this folder. Activate the file "blaise.chm" to start the help system.

If you have a Blaise version installed, you can optionally update your online help files. Doing this has pros and cons. The main advantage is that newer help files include more or better information about existing features. The main drawback is that the help files may describe features of new versions, not yet available in the Blaise version you have installed. You can replace the online help files by extracting the files of the proper Blaise version to the bin folder of the corresponding Blaise installation, e.g. 'C:\Program Files\StatNeth\Blaise 4.8 Enterprise\Bin', replacing the original CHM files.

More Documentation

More Blaise documentation for downloading in a printable format (PDF). If you do not already have it, download PDF-viewer or Acrobat Reader to view PDF files from within your web browser. The documentation available on this page includes:

Blaise 4.5 Developer's Guide

This is an electronic version of the Blaise 4.5 Developer's Guide. This guide describes how to use all the features of Blaise 4.5, and is the latest documentation of the Blaise system that as been released in printed form. In Blaise 4.6 and newer versions, all information of the Developer's Guide has been made available electronically via the Help menu on the Blaise desktop.

Click here to download the guide.

Blaise Maniplus Guide

This is an electronic version of the Blaise Maniplus Guide. This guide describes how to use Maniplus, a component of the Blaise program that is used to program survey management systems. This guide, though written for Blaise III, can be used for Blaise 4.

Click here to download this guide.

Blaise CATI Guide

This is an electronic version of the Blaise Guide for Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI). This guide provides an in-depth description with appropriate examples of all the major features of Blaise CATI--data model design and development, sample management, call scheduling, interviewing, project management, and reporting. Click here to download.

The Commute Survey provides an in-depth example of Blaise CATI and is used extensively in the CATI Guide.

Gaining deeper understanding