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IBUC 2020 Call for Abstracts

The 19th International Blaise Users Conference (IBUC) will be held on March 31 - April 2, 2020, at the Elias Beach Hotel, Limassol, Cyprus.
Blaise 5 pre-conference training will be held on Monday, March 30th. The BCLUB meeting will be on Friday, April 3, 2020. For more information about the event, please visit www.ibuc2020.gov.cy .

The Blaise system is in transition from Blaise 4 (Blaise for Windows and browser) to Blaise 5, a true multi-mode and multi-device system. While many surveys are still in Blaise 4, there are now Blaise 5 surveys conducted around the world. Blaise 5 is intended to handle the entire range of survey challenges as described in the topics below.

The IBUC Committee wishes to bring together all kinds of survey practitioners in a unique opportunity to influence the development of the emerging Blaise 5. On the one hand, the Committee would like to hear about your Institute's Blaise 4 and 5 experiences. On the other hand, the Committee would like to receive papers on the production of electronic instruments, on how survey methodology is impacted by systems capability, and on how systems provide for survey management needs. 

This will be an exciting conference for Blaise developers, systems staff, survey methodologists, and survey operations personnel. In a broad sense, the conference is about coping with the modern survey world, going far beyond Blaise as a system. It will be a rare opportunity for these various survey practitioners to come together and communicate their needs in one conference. This website link gives you access to the previous 18 IBUC meetings http://www.blaiseusers.org .

Suggested Themes

Topics may be proposed within the following themes, or you may suggest a paper that does not fit within the descriptions below. Presentations are 15 to 25 minutes long. Papers (usually 6-10 pages) are due before the conference and are available during the meeting in a conference volume.

  • Expectations of a modern survey-taking system
  • (Re) training staff in an era or rapid change
  • Multilingual, multicultural, multi-national, and multi-version multiple mode surveys
  • Multi-mode survey management
  • Data collection on any device
  • Usability
  • Accessibility and inclusiveness
  • Uni-mode versus Generalized Mode instrument design
  • Conducting scientifically valid surveys
  • Conducting surveys on tablets or smartphones
  • The value of modern-day technology such as sensors
  • Transitioning from Blaise 4 to Blaise 5
  • Blaise 5 experiences
  • Survey data, survey paradata, and survey metadata
  • Survey data, survey paradata, and survey metadata
  • Experiences of using paradata in an adaptive design

Please pass this information to others in your organization for whom the conference may be of interest. This PDF contains all the important information for you to share with others.

We are looking forward to receiving your abstracts. They can be posted here , by Dec 7th, 2019 .

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