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New bug fix release:


A new release of Blaise 5 ( is available on the FTP server of Statistics Netherlands.

This release is a bug fix version. It resolves some issues that were reported.

For a complete list of fixed issues, check the changelog.txt file that is included in the release.

Blaise 5.2 - The October 31st 2016 release

This version includes a new web data entry client (MVC), a production version of CATI, a production version of Manipula, a major security upgrade and a few smaller additions. Furthermore, we have worked on unifying the layout between data entry clients, improved the iOS and Android apps, and solved many issues that were reported by our users.

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Pre-Conference files are now available

The pre-conference day sessions that were held on Monday October 3rd, just before the 17th IBUC were a great success.
Attendees and non-attendees alike have asked if they could have the handouts and/or samples that were discussed that day.

We are happy to announce that all the presentations and some demos which our team presented during the preconference training are now available online:

Level 1: Introduction to Blaise 5, Conversion, Manipula and CATI

- Presentations (7 MB)

- Demos (22 MB)


Level 2: Layout, Server Park Basics, Deployment and Login

- Presentations (4 MB)

- Demos (3 MB)


Level 3: Architecture, Server Management, Security, Audit Trail, Session Data, Data/.bdix, APIs, PowerShell, Customizing DEP

- Presentations (3 MB)

- Demos (21 MB)

Blaise 5.2 is on its way

The 17th IBUC is over. It was great to see old and new faces alike, and especially to hear about everything you've done with Blaise.
We are now working really hard on dotting the i's and crossing the t's for the upcoming release of Blaise 5.2 on October 31st.

Some things you can expect in this new release are:

- a production-ready version of Manipula

- a production-ready version of CATI

- token-based security

- uniform layout


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