Some new features in our upcoming 5.0.5 release

Remarks in Blaise 5 

The upcoming Blaise Release 5.0.5 will support making interviewer remarks in all Data Entry Clients. A Remark can be defined in the Datamodel Language as a Field Property. A Field property is additional data (of a specific type) that is available for all data fields. Field properties can be edited by the standard input controls and will be stored in the Blaise database.

Specific Error Pages

In order to show a specific error page when some standard error occurs, it will be possible to specify for which standard errors an error page should be displayed. If no specific error page exists for an error, the default error page will be displayed. 

Blaise regression testing

ranorex logoIn 2015 the Blaise team has been expanded with three professional testers. They are building an automated regression test for Blaise5, using the test automation tool Ranorex.

The purpose of the regression test is to check if functionality that worked correctly in previous Blaise5 builds, will still work correctly in future Blaise5 builds.

Since Blaise is a very flexible system in which a multitude of features can be combined, it is impossible to test all relevant combinations. However, the test team strives to make the regression test as extensive as possible.

So far the focus of the test has been on Manipula and the rules. In the coming months the regression test will be expanded to other Blaise5 programs and features.

Visit from Statistics Sweden

On November 11 and 12 we had visitors from Statistics Sweden. Here’s what they had to say:

“After two days of digging deeper into the Blaise 5 software, our team are impressed by both its functionality and the possibilities to extend and integrate with it. We believe that Blaise 5 may be a suitable choice for current and future needs within Statistics Sweden.”

On our end, we got some nice tips for possible future functionality as well. We would be more than happy to welcome them into our community!

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