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Blaise 5.8 - The June 2020 release

Version 5.8.1 (build 2466, dated June 25, 2020) has been released.
It can be found in the usual location on our ftp-server.
CMA is not yet included in this release, but it will most likely be shipped with the first 5.8 update release. We expect a 5.8 version of the Android and iOS app to be available in their respective stores soon as well. 
New features include a paradata viewer for AuditTrail and CARI data, and a data viewer in the dashboard for data that is present in the surveys handled by the CATI system. Furthermore, Manipula performance has been significantly improved for reading/writing to standard Blaise files, and Setups with AutoRead=Yes without a Manipulate section in general.

This build also contains a lot of minor changes to the Control Centre, Layout Designer, Manipula, Language extensions, Data, Resource Editor, Server Manager, Tools (like Sync AD), Data Entry, Data Entry Service, and API.

Several samples that are shipped with the system were improved and a couple of new ones were added.

Check the What's New section in the Help for a complete list of new functionalities.

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