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Blaise 5

The successor of Blaise 4.8 was completely rewritten to be suitable for new platforms and technologies such as smartphones and tablets. With Blaise 5, you can now create surveys that are truly multimode, multiplatform, and multidevice with hybrid-mode capabilities.

Watch our latest Blaise 5 video to see how your respondents can benefit from Blaise 5 questionnaires. 

Truly Multimode

Truly Multimode

Depending on your research design, you will want to deploy your questionnaires in single or mixed interviewing modes. With Blaise 5, you can plan the modes for each survey and determine how to stage each mode in a mixed-mode design.


Respondents and interviewers can fill in Blaise 5 questionnaires on all common platforms. Your questionnaires will always appear the way you specified them, no matter which browser or operating system is used to display them.
Multidevice and hybrid-mode

Multidevice and hybrid-mode

With Blaise 5, your respondents can switch to a different device while completing a questionnaire and continue exactly where they left off (hybrid-mode). A new tool introduced with Blaise 5, the Layout Designer, is the key to this flexibility. This powerful addition to the Blaise Control Centre helps you create questionnaires that adapt to any device and screen size. This saves you the time of making many custom designs.
Built for diversity

Built for diversity

Blaise 5 lets you create multilingual and multinational questionnaires. No matter if your questionnaires use Western, right-to-left, or Asian scripts, the system supports all languages. Your respondents and interviewers can also switch between languages during an interview. Furthermore, Blaise 5 is 508/WCAG 2.1 and HIPAA compliant to meet accessibility standards for people with disabilities.

Integrated development tools

Blaise 5 offers integrated development tools such as the Control Centre, Layout Designer, Resource Editor and on-line help. You can configure these tools to support your organization’s needs.

One survey platform for all your needs

Blaise 5 supports all aspects of survey production, including data collection, data coding, data entry, and data editing. Investing in one system helps you cut down your organization’s costs, work time and resources. With the help of Blaise APIs, you can seamlessly incorporate your existing IT infrastructure into Blaise 5 and vice versa.

Questionnaires support all types of research designs

Blaise 5 can handle the most straightforward one-off survey all the way to multi-instrument, longitudinal studies. For institutional surveys, different respondents can handle different parts of a questionnaire. For a household survey, a screener can enumerate family members, and spawn any number of cases suitable for each member. Additionally, your respondents can make use of your hybrid-mode design by switching between devices at any point in the questionnaire.
Design questionnaires once and use them everywhere

Design questionnaires once and use them everywhere

Blaise 5’s layout and operational flexibility let you design one questionnaire for different interview modes and devices. No matter which device your respondents and interviewers use to fill in their responses, the details of your design adapt to their screen size and input method. This is what makes your questionnaires truly multi- and hybrid-mode.

Sophisticated data entry programs

Blaise Data Entry Programs (DEP) give interviewers the freedom to collect data while being connected to or disconnected from the internet. Choosing your run mode preference lets you safeguard data, even when there are connectivity or power issues. Apart from the Windows DEP app, the Blaise 5 apps are available for iOS and Android and ensure all your data are encrypted during transfer. Our Case Management Application (CMA) gives your interviewers the additional benefit of managing their entire workload in one app. Watch the video to see how the Blaise 5 apps and CMA work.

More Blaise 5

Because of the extensive list of requirements from our user base, the Blaise survey software platform offers an impressive and ever-growing list of features. Download our latest brochure for an in-depth overview of Blaise 5’s benefits and visit our Information Center for more videos and information materials. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notified when we publish new videos and to see all of our video content.

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