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Beneficial for all

As a development system, Blaise is suitable for both the small and the large survey organisation. A control centre integrates many tools that help the developer produce and test instruments. Blaise can be used for surveys in multiple modes such as CATI and CAPI combined collections.

  • For interviewers, data entry personnel, and data editors, the interfaces are powerful and elegant and have proven to be very efficient and popular. For methodologists, Blaise allows data to be gathered correctly by using edits during the interview.
  • For high-level managers, Blaise can increase productivity. During instrument development, one system specification handles many tasks. During survey production, data collection, coding, entry, and editing are all combined into one or a few steps.
  • For systems managers, Blaise is a powerful, generalised system that can be customised to the organisation's needs, avoiding the need to develop expensive in-house systems.

Gaining deeper understanding