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Blaise 5.3.0 - The November 30th 2017 release

The 5.3.0 version has now been officially released. It has build number
You can find it in the official location on our ftp-server.

This version includes the following new features: Layout language, CARI, ACASI, generic storage, some app extensions and CATI and MVC enhancements.

Below is a short description of the new functionalities. For more details, check the 'What's New' section in the Help.

Layout Language

In Blaise 5.3.0, the layout language has been added to the system. It is now once again possible to add layout statements to your source code. To make it even more flexible, we offer the possibility to generate the layout statements from the layout designer. This way, you can choose whether you want to program the layout of a questionnaire in the source of the questionnaire, or use the visual layout designer.


Blaise 5.3.0 offers a first version of CARI. It is now possible to record questions, and store the audio files in a database. An example of this functionality can be found in the Samples folder (Samples\Specific Features\CARI).


Blaise 5.3.0 offers a first version of ACASI. This means that it is possible to play audio files in the data entry program(s). The audio files can be stored in the resource database, but urls to audio files can also be used. An example of this functionality can be found in the Samples folder (Samples\Specific Features\ACASI)

Improved MVC version

In Blaise 5.3.0, the MVC data entry program has been improved with respect to the rendering of controls. To guarantee the correct display of controls, a shadow administration of all controls and their sizes is maintained. This can have a negative performance impact! The 5.3.0 version of the MVC data entry program now supports right-to-left languages.

Data Handling

Blaise 5.3.0 now supports generic storage (stream and in-depth). This means that you can store data from multiple surveys in the same table of a database.

Disconnected DEP-App, iOS and Android app extension

The apps now support updating changed .bmix files and the uploading of audit trail data.

CATI Enhancements

Blaise now offers CATI daybatch access in Manipula. 

In addition to these new features, we have solved many small issues.

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