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Blaise 5.7 - The December 2019 release

Version 5.7.1 (build 2248, dated December 18, 2019) has been released.
It can be found in the usual location on our ftp-server.
The 5.7.1 version of the Android App is also available, in the Google Play Store. A 5.7 version of the iOS App will become available early 2020.

This version includes, among others, the following new major features: Randomization, CATI-extensions/improvements, CARI extensions, a dropdown control for set questions, an extension to the DTAP environment, a Navigate TryLeavePageForward Event and deployment events.

Several new samples, which show how these new functionalities work, are shipped with the system.

There are also a lot of minor changes to the Control Centre, Manipula, Language extensions, Layout, Resource Editor, Server Manager, Tools (like Sync AD), Data Entry, API, and Security.

Check the What's New section in the Help for a complete list of new functionalities.

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