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Blaise 5.10 - The July 2021 release

Version 5.10.1 (build 2845, dated July 15, 2021) has been released.
It can be found in the usual location on our ftp-server.
New features and changes for this build include improved performance of cloud runtime, improved Manipula performance of specific points and somewhat improved web data entry performance of large tables.

This build also contains improved accessibility functionality, several improvements and new features for the iOS and Android App, lots of changes and additions to CMA (version 1.5 is shipped with the system) and a changed implementation for the cloud version of Blaise. Note that at the moment it still only suports Azure, and we don't recommend using the cloud version in production as token-based security has not been implemented yet.

Furthermore, the dashboard as well as the Control Centre have been extended with a couple of new features, which include extensions to custom reports for the dashboard and Git support for Source Control, improved generation of test records and some new functionalities for the Control Centre. Manipula has been extended with several new functions, the Resource Editor has been extended with some new properties, trigram search has been improved and REST functions are now accepted in Alien procedures. The Server Manager logs all login attempts and security information can now also be stored in SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL.
The samples now include a sample for accordion layout and a REST function call by a POST method.

Check the What's New section in the Help for a complete list of new functionalities.

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