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17th IBUC – Call for Abstracts

The next International Blaise Users Conference promises to be a very exciting event, as it is about coping with the modern survey world, going far beyond Blaise as a system. Indeed, according the Call for Abstracts for this event one will certainly look forward to be up-to-date with the latest insights on

  • Data collection on any device
  • Expectations of a modern survey-taking system
  • Multimode survey management
  • Unimode versus Generalized Mode Questionnaire design
  • (Re)training staff in an era of rapid change
  • Multilingual, multicultural, multi-national and multi-version multiple mode surveys

Abstracts for the conference can be posted by the end of June. The complete list of suggested conference themes is published on the site of International Blaise Users Group.

We will also keep you posted with any additional news on this forthcoming event on this website.

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